According to FSMS PTO bylaws Section 6.  Amendments.  These Bylaws may be amended at any General meeting of the members, at which a quorum is present and voting throughout, by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present at such meeting, provided the proposed amendment was posted at the school two (2) weeks prior to the vote.
Proposed amendment:  Article V., Section 6.
Reason:  This amendment to the bylaws clarifies the term of service for all officers, keeping in line with FBISD, FSMS and FSMS PTO fiscal year.

Section 6.  Term of Office.  The Executive Officers and Standing Officers shall be elected at the Election Meeting in April.  Installation of officers will take place at the May General meeting.  All elected Officers shall serve in the capacity for one [1] year beginning July 1st ending June 30th.